“There is no such word as can’t!” Those are the words my father taught my siblings and myself growing up. Those are the words my husband and I taught our children long before our daughter, born with limb difference, came into our lives.

This past week as our 9 year old, Annie Kate, spent a week at the Wounded Warrior softball Camp. The two common threads, of the 20 kids from around the country? They were “normal” children and they each had varied limb differences. They were surrounded by scores of U.S. Veteran amputees who not only taught them the game of softball, no, that was the byproduct of the week but they lead by example, proving there really is no such word as can’t.

I witnessed the individual metamorphous as each child gained skills, confidence, friendship and the power of being a part of a team. No detail was over looked including meals, uniforms, outings, transportation plus the abundance of fun and positive attitude. Thank you to our Veterans who continue to give so much.

I could not have ever imagined a more empowering week for my daughter or myself. I witnessed the commitment and dedication of each person, involved in the planning and implementation, on or off the field (and there are so many) to make sure each child had the experience of a life time.

The children were told they would leave camp as Warriors…Mission accomplished!”

Kim Myers, Mother of 2017 WWAST Kids Camper, Annie Kate

“It’s hard to put into words what this week has meant to Chloe & I! We have met such phenomenal people, it’s been truly life changing!”

Kari Schmidt, Mother of Kids Camp 2015 Attendee

“These men have given so much and persevered and still continue to give! They took time from work and their own lives to out in an amazing Kids camp for kids with missing limbs/deficiencies. This is special and what a way for these kids to have relatable teachable moments! Plus – as a parent – I was grateful to add to my list of constantly learning! These kids (and their families) have been given hope in a special way! This is a week and special bonds for these kids that will never be forgotten!”

Melina Collins, Mother of Kids Camp 2015 Attendee

“Having a great time with some amazing parents and their extraordinary kids. Keaton loves this camp. The Wounded Warriors are the best guys. They are our heroes.”

Julie Dorman, Mother of Kids Camp 2015 Attendee

“This week has been so rich with prideful moments and life lessons. It is difficult to put into words how the Wounded Warriors Softball Team has changed my family’s life. As sad as we are to leave, I am excited to take this gift we have been given and continue to build bonds with those that have impacted us and to reach out to resources that we didn’t even know existed. I cannot say thank you enough!”

Kate Mulholland, Mother of Kids Camp 2015 Attendee

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